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If you are looking for a self-storage for either commercial or personal use at highly competative rates then please phone or email for details.   Our 2 acre depot has a large array of new shipping containers coated inside with an anti-condensation/bacterial process ensuring the best of storage enviroments.

Our self-storage shipping containers

All of our shipping containers are 8’ wide and 8.6’ in height.  They come in four standard lengths – 10’, 15’ (on-top only), 20’ and 40’.  We also have some storage containers available in alternative lengths (for example: 8’, 12’ and 30’ etc).

For long term hire periods our shipping containers can be adapted or modified to accommodate specific customer requirements and needs.

A flexible storage solution catered towards your access needs

Self-storage shipping containers at Upminster Containers can be stored in three different ways inside the depot.

For customers requiring regular access you can choose a ground level shipping container.  For customers requiring occasional access you can have an ‘on-top’ container (2-high).  For customers who do not require access during the hire period can hire a 3-high container.

Shipping containers which are stored on top and 3-high are lifted down to ground level to load.  The shipping containers are then re-stacked when the loading is complete.  For customers who have their containers stored ‘on-top’ (2-high), we provide a mobile staircase, which can be pre-booked.

Some of the shipping containers already have power in them, whilst some have racking pre-installed.  This can be particularly useful for commercial clients wishing to store archive files etc.

Self-Storage designed for your convenience.

At Upminster Containers we fully understand that different businesses operate in different hours.  This is why we have tailored an access program allowing for you to choose between two-types of access, allowing you the most flexible self-storage solution possible.

Additionally to this our depot is designed to allow customers to drive vehicles to within just a few feet of the containerised storage facility, thus affording excellent accessibility.

We offer two main types of access to your shipping container, depending on your level of access membership with us.

Level 1 Access - You can access your containers between our standard opening hours which are Monday to Friday between 9am until 5pm

Level 2 Access - For a deposit of just £15 you can have gate control access from Monday to Saturday 6am until 8:45pm and also on a Sunday from 9am until 8:45pm.


Would you like to request a quote?

Whether you are looking for self storage, shipping container purchase, rental or conversion, we are confident we can help you with your requirements.

Feel free to give us a call directly on 01708 225350 or simply fill in the short form here to request a call back from a member of our friendly team.

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