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At Upminster Containers we are proud to be a family run company.  Established for nearly 50 years, we have been at the heart of the shipping container industry for decades.  From providing outstanding shipping container sales, hire, conversions to more recently modular units.  We have adapted and changed over time to provide the very best level of service possible.

Although we employ a varied workforce including engineers, mechanics, crane operators, all of what we do would not be possible without an experienced and robust senior management.

We enjoy the reputation of being a transparent company, allowing clients to understand who we are so have therefore we have listed the senior management below for you to get to know.


Maria has been a company director of Upminster Containers for over twenty years.  She is in charge of the overall running of the company and is head of admin.  She holds a BSC Honours Degree in Business Studies and is a qualified business studies teacher at A Level.  She has experience in H.R, marketing and finance.


Lee has been a company director of Upminster Containers for over 20 years.  He is also in charge of the overall running of the company, as well as sales, company expansion, container handling, logistics management, self-storage management and specialised handling equipment maintenance and management.  Lee also has good experience with IT and has previous experience in accountancy and insurance industries.  Lee's professional qualifications include HND in company management.


Mike has been our trusted depot manager for over 10 years.  His duties include but are not limited to Containex, container conversions and customer liaisons (ensuring customer's expectations in an increasingly evolving market at met).  Mike is also a qualified as a handling equipment operative and has professional qualifications including coded welder (BS EN287), first aider and fire marshall.


Alfie has experience of over 10 years working with Upminster Containers.  He is our workshop projects manager and his responsibilities include design, conversion productions and customer liaison.  His professional qualification include coded welding (BS EN127), handling equipment operative as well as fire marshall trained.

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